OakFit/Weight Management/Weight-Watchers

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March 23rd - June 8th

Tuesday @ 12:15pm 

12-Week Virtual Series includes:
  • Twelve weeks of unlimited Virtual WW Workshops held via Zoom video conferencing
  • Access to AT WORK Workshops geared towards the working person
  • Fourteen-week subscription to WW digital tools (WW app)
  • “myAccountabilty” check in with the scale and WW Staff for personal accountability
  • Receive weekly motivational videos & WW News updates from myWeekly Goodies
  • Online shop for your favorite WW snacks, products and more…

 Full-time employees pay $50, OakFit subsidizes $105.00

Registration Deadline March 16th

Register here

Once your registration is processed, you will receive an email from WW that will include the zoom link and your digital tools sign-in code.

Effective April 2020, WW will offer two program options for Oakland County; "At Work" and "Community" classes.   Both class options are available for $155.00.   

If employees are interested in participating at the "Community" classes, a copy of OakFit's WW flyer should be taken so our contract price of $155.00 is honored.  (Regular published price is $200.00)

If full-time employees choose to participate in the "At Work" program, they will receive a $105.00 subsidy toward to cost of the program.    The "At Work" program also includes e-tools.

The subsidy does not apply to:

  • "Community" classes/local centers
  • Online e-tools offered through WW
  • Retirees of Oakland County (unless working PTNE and receiving retiree County benefits)
  • Part-time employees