OakFit/Weight Management/WW Unlimited Workshops + Digital

WW Unlimited Workshops + Digital


​Get in-person and virtual weight-loss support from your Coach and group - whenever you need it. We're reopening with more locations and times, including unlimited virtual sessions. Plus digital.

The WW Unlimited Workshops + Digital plan is a subscription-based wellness and weight management program for full time Oakland County employees and is recommended for adults 18 years of age and older who seek the benefit of face-to-face coaching and support from peers through weekly virtual Workshops through the app and in-person Workshops through the community. Unlimited Workshops + Digital includes all the features of Digital plus:

  • Trackers for food, water, activity and sleep (Digital feature)
  • Barcode scanner for easy tracking and shopping (Digital feature)
  • Fitness tracker synching (Digital feature)
  • 9,000+ recipes filtered by dietary needs, prep time and more (Digital feature)
  • Chat with a live WW Coach 24/7 (Digital feature)
  • In-app video content, including cooking demos (Digital feature)
  • Connect with other members through WW Connect, a members-only social media platform (Digital feature)
  • Virtual workout classes with FitOn and audio workouts with Aaptiv (Digital feature)
  • Curated meditations from Headspace (Digital feature)
  • Earn exciting rewards with WellnessWins program to futher inspire healthy habits (Digital feature)
  • Daily and weekly emails with tips, tricks and recipes to keep members on track (Digital feature)
  • Access to 1,600 virtual Workshops 16 hours a day, 7 days a week and weekly Workshops at WW studio locations across the domestic U.S.
  • Group, Coach-led goal setting and coaching throughout the week
  • Connect with other WW members
  • Private wellness check-ins consisting of self-reflection and recognition of healthy behaviors, in addition to monitoring weight loss through weekly weigh-ins (virtual and in-person)

Questions on signing up or syncing your current account?  Call WW Customer Service at 866-204-2885
Access ID: 16454866