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WW Digital 360


​Everything you'd get with Digital, plus extra support from expert Coaches and exclusive access to live and on-demand wellness experiences, such as cooking demos, nutrition classes, fun workouts, and inspirational podcasts featuring celebrity guests.

The WW Digital 360 plan is a subscription-based wellness and weight management program for full time Oakland County employees and is recommended for adults 18 years of age and older who wish to follow  the WW program with live and on-demand content through the WW mobile application and website. Digital 360 includes all the features of Digital plus:
  • Trackers for food, water, activity and sleep (Digital feature)
  • Barcode scanner for easy tracking and shopping (Digital feature)
  • Fitness tracker synching (Digital feature)
  • 9,000+ recipes filtered by dietary needs, prep time and more (Digital feature)
  • Chat with a live WW Coach 24/7 (Digital feature)
  • In-app video content, including cooking demos (Digital feature)
  • Connect with other members through WW Connect, a members-only social media platform (Digital feature)
  • Virtual workout classes with FitOn and audio workouts with Aaptiv (Digital feature)
  • Curated meditations from Headspace (Digital feature)
  • Earn exciting rewards with WellnessWins program to futher inspire healthy habits (Digital feature)
  • Daily and weekly emails with tips, tricks and recipes to keep members on track (Digital feature)
  • Surround-sound support with videos, virtual events and podcasts featuring weight-loss and wellness professionals (Digital 360 feature)
  • Premier in-app coaching content with a robust schedule of CoachLIVE and on-demand sessions (Digital 360 feature)
  • Exclusive Digital 360 community to help with motivation and tracking towards wellness goals (Digital 360 feature)

Questions on signing up or syncing your current account?  Call WW Customer Service at 866-204-2885
Access ID: 16454866