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Wellness Social Media

OakFit Facebook Pages

Membership is managed by a County administrator.  Membership in these groups is only for Oakland County employees (full and part-time). 

Looking for motivation to train for an upcoming event or just a fun way to get into shape?  Link up with your co-workers on topics such as nutrition and exercise at all fitness levels. 

Have up-to-date information regarding wellness programs and events sent directly to you through your personal Facebook thread.  Share inspirational thoughts, wellness quotes and ideas with your co-workers. 
The OakFit Running Club promotes running/walking events and a healthy lifestyle for members of all fitness levels. This running club is for Oakland County employees to socialize and participate in running/walking training and events, such as The Brooksie Way.  Race participation is not required to join the club.  Please use this page as a social outlet to connect with other runners/walkers, learn about races, train, coordinate running/walking groups, support and much more! 
Please note:
Members posting on OakFit Wellness or OakFit Running Club shall not be allowed to post profane language or content; content that promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination; comments that support or oppose political campaigns or ballot measures; sexual content or links to sexual content; information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public, content used to sell or solicit merchandise and/or services or to conduct or encourage illegal activity or business.  Individuals who violate this will be removed from the Facebook groups. 
Employee usage of the Wellness Facebook groups must comply with the Electronic Communication & Computer Hardware and Software policies​ and any department specific policies regarding internet usage.  You must have a Facebook personal profile to join these groups. Any participation in Facebook groups should be conducted on lunch breaks or non-working hours.   Any questions regarding Facebook usage may be directed to Dawn Hunt at huntd@oakgov.com​ or 248-858-5473.  
If you are interested in joining these Facebook groups email Dawn Hunt at huntd@oakgov.com.