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OakFit Walks Michigan 2021


​OakFit Walks Michigan is a step tracking walking program from June 7th-August 1st that challenges employees to "Walk Michigan".

This walking program will challenge teams to virtually walk around Michigan and the Upper Peninsula is a bonus this year once your team has completed the Lower Peninsula! Walk in your neighborhood, community, park, or wherever you'd like and track your steps. Employees form four-person teams (*Please note: employees can only be on one team). The leaderboard will be updated weekly and there will be a  $150 Visa gift card awarded to each member on the top team. There will also be a random drawing for four other participating teams and the team members will receive $100 visa gift card.

*2,200 steps = 1 mile


​Click here to register your team for 2021 OakFit Walks Michigan.

 Don't have a pedometer to track your steps? Use these apps:

​If you do not have a pedometer, try using one of these apps to track your steps during the challenge.

 How it Works

​​1. Assemble your team of four
2. Register your team for OakFit Walks Michigan - *Make sure to select one team member to handle registration so your team does not register multiple times. 
3. Walk, record and report your steps weekly. All team members will submit their total miles walked through a link sent via email from Smartsheets.
*2,200 steps = 1 mile

 The Rules

​ 1. Each week all team members will be sent a notification from Smartsheets to submit their total miles walked. *2,200 steps = 1 mile
2. Weekly entry deadline: Monday by 3:00 p.m.
3. Track your standing on the leaderboard at www.oakgov.com/wellness where all team totals will be updated and display every Wednesday

 Program Dates

Team Registration Deadline
Friday, May 28th

Email Confirmation sent Monday, May 31th.

OakFit Walks Michigan Begins
Monday, June 7th

Weekly Total Miles Deadline
Every Monday at 3:00 p.m.

Weekly Leaderboard Updated
Every Wednesday 

OakFit Walks Michigan Ends
Sunday, August 1st


Activity Sheet Converter - Use this to convert steps when doing activities that your pedometer cannot easily capture.

Fruits and Vegetable Converter - You can earn up to 100 bonus steps (10 bonus steps per serving) a day just for eating your fruits and vegetables. Use this as a guide for serving sizes.


"We really enjoyed the OakFit Wellness Program.  Being in the competition pushed us harder to get all our steps in on a daily basis. There were days when we did not want to walk or exercise anymore, but did so because of the competition.  We encouraged each other and all did extra activities; rollerblading, yoga, biking, swimming, paddle boarding etc. The program made us want to be active and stay active for longer periods of time.   We had fun as a team walking and de-stressing on breaks and lunch hours. We look forward to the next program that OakFit has to offer." -52/3 District Court Employee

"I can truly say this program, as well as my fellow teammates, really motivated me to be active, and get healthy.  One of my team mates had me walking on our lunch, 3-4 miles each day.  As a team, we motivated each other, as well as covered for each other if one of us were unable to get our maximum steps in for the week.  I was truly sad to see the program come to end, and can’t wait to see what the next Wellness program is." -52/1 District Court Employee

"The OakFit Walks Michigan Challenge was a blast! Our team worked hard and supported one another from the very first day. We motivated one another, challenged each other to push ourselves harder and tried new things to acquire more steps every day. I haven’t worked this hard in a challenge in a long time. This program was absolutely worth it and brought us closer as a team and coworkers at the same time. We are definitely coming back next year!” -Health Division Employee