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National Walking Day Challenge


​Wednesday, April 4th is National Walking Day. OakFit wants you to participate and pledge to be active 150 minutes every week for four weeks. To register for the program, fill out the registration form.  Once registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email with daily tips & weekly motivational reminders. See the pledge form schedule below for the dates when pledge forms are due in order to be eligible for weekly participation gifts, email your pledge form to oakfit@oakgov.com. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED BY MARCH 28th TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR WEEKLY PRIZES.

A random prize drawing will take place from all received pledge forms from employees who have completed the 150 minutes of activity each of the 4 weeks.   Final Prizes to include:
  • Dunham's Sports Gift Card - $125 value
  • Visa Gift Card - $50 value
*Please note: You will not receive a pedometer for participating in this program. You will track minutes not steps. Our 4 week pedometer program will take place in June. Our National Walking Day Program is a new addition to help get you moving and ready for this year's OakFit Walks Michigan program.

 Weekly Pledge Form Schedule

​Pledge forms are due by the dates indicated to be eligible for weekly participation gifts, email your pledge form to oakfit@oakgov.com.

Week 1: April 2nd - April 8th, Form due by Friday, April 13th

Week 2: April 9th - April 15th, Form due by Friday, April 20th

Week 3: April 16th - April 22nd, Form due by Friday, April 27th

Week 4: April 23rd - April 29th, Form due by Friday, May 4th

Employees who didn’t submit weekly forms must turn in their final 4 week pledge form by May 4th to be entered into the final prize drawing.

 Weekly Healthy Living Tip:

Thirty minutes of modest exercise (walking is OK) at least three to five days a week is recommended, but the greatest health benefits come from exercising most days of the week. Exercise can be broken up into smaller 10-minute sessions. Start slowly and progress gradually to avoid injury or excessive soreness or fatigue. Over time, build up to 30 to 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise every day.


  • Pledge Form: Pledge and track your minutes on this form for the four week program.

  • Pledge Form Directions: Step by step directions on how to open, fill out and save your pledge form.

  • Four Week Walking Plan: Four-week program is for the intermediate walker who wants to improve overall health and increase energy.

  • Warm Weather Fitness Guide: Read some tips on what to do this summer to help get your exercise in. Includes recipes!

  • Cold Weather Fitness Guide: Read some tips on how to exercise during the cold months. Includes recipes!

  • Walking Routes: Check out our maps for walking routes on campus and trails in the parks.