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Movement Challenge


Congratulations to our 2021 Movement Challenge Winners! The following employees were selected as winners for submitting their active minutes for the four week challenge.

Megan Koss, Water Resources Commissioner
Allison Pritchard, Health Division
Angelya Higginbotham, Health Division
Deborah Golden, Human Resources
Stephanie Hunt, FM&O

OakFit wants you to participate and pledge to move a minimum of 150 minutes every week for four weeks. To register for the program, fill out the registration form.  You will receive weekly motivational reminders throughout the challenge. Use the pledge form to track your active minutes. Each week you will receive a Smartsheet email to submit your weekly total.  See the pledge form schedule below for the dates when Smartsheet emails will be sent to you. 

Employees that enter their active minutes each week will be entered into the final prize drawing. The final prize drawing will be five $100 Visa Gift Cards. In lieu of weekly prizes, those who turn their weekly totals will be in a weekly drawing for a $50 Visa Gift Card. 

*Please note: Active minutes are tracked in this challenge and the OakFit Walks Michigan program tracks steps.

 Weekly Smartsheet Email Schedule

A Smartsheet will be sent on the dates indiciated below to collect your active minutes for the week. Submit your active minutes for each week to be eligible for the final prize drawing.

Week 1: April 5th - April 11th, Form emailed on Friday, April 16th

Week 2: April 12th - April 18th, Form emailed on Friday, April 23rd

Week 3: April 19th - April 25th, Form emailed on Friday, April 30th

Week 4: April 26th - May 2nd, Form emailed on Friday, May 7th

Final submission email will be sent on Monday, May 10th and all submissions must be received by Wednesday, May 12th to be considered for the final prize drawing.


  • Pledge Form: Use this to track your active minutes daily. *Note: you will not email the pledge form weekly. This is just a tool for you to track your minutes.