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Mind Body Balance Challenge


​The time is now.  Join OakFit's Mind Body Balance Challenge and start with 6 weeks to focus on your mind, body and work/life balance. Since life hasn't been normal in the last year it has been hard to strike balance but this challenge is here to help. Take time for yourself and complete the day’s task. Each week you will receive a Smartsheet asking about the activities you did to focus on yourself. Fill out all 6 weeks and be entered into a final prize drawing.

 How The Challenge Works

Challenge is from Monday, February 15th through Sunday, March 28th
Weekly emails will be sent on Friday
The Challenge will be emailed to registrants on Friday, February 12th

Each day look at your challenge sheet and take 5 minutes for yourself to complete the day's task. You can make notes for yourself or just complete them. On Friday of each week, we will send you a weekly Smartsheet email to answer questions on your week's activities. Each week will be saved on this webpage in case you miss the email. Fill out all 6 emails and be entered into the final prize drawing.