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Lunch 'n' Learn

​OakFit is offering new virtual Lunch 'n' Learns for 2022. OakFit's 2022 Lunch 'n' Learn series will focus on Mindfulness/Coping. When employees register, meeting invites will be sent to you through Outlook.  Participants can attend live or will receive a recorded presentation. 

 Upcoming Lunch 'n' Learn

January Lunch 'n' Learn: Confronting you
January 24, 2022
Noon - 1:00 pm
Microsoft Teams Virtual Session
Presenter: Nathan Harmon

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Questions? Contact Dawn Hunt at 248-858-5473 or email at huntd@oakgov.com.

 Future Lunch 'n' Learns

Check back in for an update on future lunch 'n' learns.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ To Register:

To enroll on-line through HR Self-Service click here.
1. Select Self Service.
2. Select the Learning & Development link.
3. Select Request Training Enrollment.  Search by Course Number (listed above).  Select Course from list.  Submit your request.  (See Chapter 12 - Oaksource Training Materials for additional registration instructions).

 Recordings of Past Lunch 'n' Learns

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Recordings

Check back in for presentations as they are added.

March Lunch 'n' Learn: 
Donothing: The Most Rewarding Challenge You Will Ever Take
Presenter: Rob Dube

April Lunch 'n' Learn:
​Overcoming (Almost) Every Struggle

Presenter: Pete Thomas

May Lunch 'n' Learn:
Presenter: Tim Cusack

June Lunch 'n' Learn:
Presenter: Mark Ostach

July Lunch 'n' Learn:
Getting Motivated
Presenter: Amanda Crowell Itliong

August Lunch 'n' Learn:
It's Ok To Not Be Ok
Presenter: Eric Hipple

September Lunch 'n' Learn:
Suicide Prevention

October Lunch 'n' Learn:
No video

October Lunch 'n' Learn:
Rethinking Happiness: What Keeps You Stuck
Speaker:  Julie Booksh

November Lunch 'n' Learn:
Meditation in the Moment
Speaker:  Dana Armenteros

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Past Lunch 'N' Learn Video