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Lunch 'n' Learn

Join us for the following Lunch 'n' Learn seminars. 

All Lunch 'n' Learns are located in the Executive Office Building, Conference Center, East Oakland Room unless otherwise noted. Bring your lunch and learn!!

Note:  All Lunch 'n' Learn seminars begin approximately 10 minutes after the posted start time and finish approximately 10 minutes early (to allow employees needed travel time, to and from the session).

 2019 Lunch 'n' Learn Schedule

​Taking Charge of Holiday Stress
Presented by Human Resources Training & Development
Wednesday, December 11th
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 
Note: It is your responsibility to discuss your interest in registering for a course with your supervisor.
Registration Information

 To Register:

To enroll on-line through HR Self-Service click here.
1. Select Self Service.
2. Select the Learning & Development link.
3. Select Request Training Enrollment.  Search by Course Number (listed above).  Select Course from list.  Submit your request.  (See Chapter 12 - Oaksource Training Materials for additional registration instructions).

Contact Dawn Hunt at 248-858-5473 or email at huntd@oakgov.com.