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Build a Better Life - The 30 Day Habit Challenge

 Build a Better Life - The 30 Day Habit Challenge

​Join OakFit in this 30-day challenge to work on building better habits. From September 30th to October 27th participants will be challenged to:
  • Avoid processed food/fast food
  • Assess sugar, salt, and water intake
  • Track hours of sleep 
  • Unplug from non-work, non-school related technology
  • Create a good morning routine
  • Track daily exercises

 How it works

​Each participant will receive a habit tracker to help them keep track throughout the challenge. There will also be a weekly motivational newsletter and every Monday you will receive a Smartsheets email to enter the previous weeks' information.

Week One: Track your normal intakes and routines to give yourself a baseline.

Week Two: Set goals to build healthier habits.

Week Three: Continue to work towards building healthier habits.

Week Four: Creating new habits takes time, repetition, and endurance. Push through the struggles but be gentle on yourself if you slip up. Just get back on track.

All participants who complete all four weeks will receive an OakFit prize and will be entered in a drawing to win a $50 gift card. 

 Challenge Winners

Congratulations to our Build a Better Life Challenge winners! The following employees were chosen:

Dawn Bohn (Treasurer)
Laura Roman-Christman (Circuit Court)
Denise Wagner (Water Resources Commissioner)
Stacy Williams (Circuit Court)
Rae Ann Ruddy (Prosecutor's Office)

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Build a Better Life Challenge!