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A Year for You


​2021 is a year for you and your self-care. In Year for You, each month will focus on different aspects of health and prevention throughout the journal and Facebook page. This will include self-care and ideas on how to practice them. Join our Facebook page to see examples of journal pages in case you need some inspiration or ideas on how to complete your page.

Every week provides a journal page with an activity to complete.  To participate in the challenge, you will receive a Smartsheet email the last Monday of the month.  For each month you complete your Smartsheet email, your name will be entered into a drawing for prizes.

 Important Dates

  • Start journaling on Monday, January 4th
  • Smartsheet emails sent the last Monday of every month

 Journal Page Examples

Journal 1.jpg

Journal 2.jpg

 Health Focus

​January: Depression
February: Anxiety
March: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
April: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
May: Hypertension
June: Coronary Artery Disease
July: Diabetes
August: Metabolic Syndrome
September: Colorectal Cancer 
October: Breast & Cervical Cancer 
November: Prostate Cancer
December: Skin Cancer

 Self-Care Focus

​January - April: Emotional, Social and Work Self-Care
May - August: Physical and Spiritual Self-Care
September - December: Personal, Space and Financial Self-Care

 Frequently Asked Questions