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12 Months of Wellness

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It's that time again, New Year's Resolutions are upon us. Before we write a list of the same things we'd like to change, fix and improve in our lives, let's do things differently this year.

Attempting to make major life changes all at once in the form of New Year's resolutions can be overwhelming and unrealistic. OakFit's 12 Months of Wellness will focus on one theme each month for 2019. Each theme will allow you to stay focused and goal oriented all year long.

OakFit's goal at the end of 2019 is for you to feel you've grown as a person. Sometimes growth isn't measured in numbers, figures and metrics. Sometimes it's measured in things like confidence, identity, relationships, purpose, quality time, passion and resilience. As you look back on your journey in 2019, look at how you FEEL, how you LIVED and how you OVERCAME. Join OakFit's 12 Months of Wellness to keep you inspired and motivated.

Join us online! Throughout the year, we invite you to share your progress and experiences in OakFit's 12 Months of Wellness by joining us on Facebook. Visit the Facebook page weekly to view suggestions regarding the monthly topic.

The Year Ahead
Here is a brief overview of the topics we will be tackling this year:
January - The Hunt for Happiness
February - Heart Month
March - Creativity Month
April - Pay it Forward
May - National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
June - Safety Month
 July - Healthy Eating Month
August - The Power of Sleep
September - Women's Health
October - Self Care: Mindfulness
November - Parenting
December - Healthy Holidays

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