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In light of the coronavirus, OakFit Wellness is taking measures to lessen exposure of meeting in groups.  Effective immediately, health screening clinics scheduled from now until April 10th have been cancelled. Clinics being held after April 10th will be re-evaluated at a later time. At this time, there are no new dates for rescheduled clinics. Check here for updates.

We are pleased to invite Oakland County employees to participate in the health screening program. This will be the 14th year offering convenient, on-site confidential health screenings.

Health Screenings include testing for cholesterol levels (both fasting and non-fasting offered), glucose, blood pressure, pulse rate and body mass index (weight is self-reported).

Please choose below and proceed to the website for your health screening specific information.

Registration begins Monday, February 10th.

The deadline for the online health assessment is Friday, May 22nd.


CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: No information regarding individual test results will be shared with Oakland County. The results will be given directly to you and maintained off-site by a third party vendor, OnSite Wellness in accordance with HIPAA.

OnSite Wellness's Privacy Policy.

Privacy notice regarding Wellness Program

 Primary Care Physician Form

In lieu of an onsite screening, if you received an annual physical between the dates of May 1, 2019 - April 30, 2020, providing cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, resting pulse and body mass index, you may submit this information to OnSite Wellness (third party vendor). Physician Forms must be signed by you and your physician and received by OnSite Wellness no later than 5:00 pm on April 30th.

  1. Have your physician complete this physician form and send it directly to OnSite Wellness by  Mail: OnSite Wellness, 3020 Charlevoix Dr SE #2, Grand Rapids MI  49546 Fax:  616-309-2770
  2. Use the results from this physical to complete your online Health Risk Assessment.
  3. Any cost associated with employee's physical will not be incurred by Oakland County (co-pays, labs, administrative fees, etc.)
  4. Eligible employees who submit annual physical results to OnSite Wellness and complete the online HA will receive the $100 program incentive.
  5. The Primary Care Physician form is available to all participants.  

 Screenings By Location

Screenings are offered in 29 locations from February 25th - May 15th. Sessions are scheduled to accommodate 24-hour shifts.  Health Screenings take 15 minutes.

CALENDAR February 2020
CALENDAR March 2020
CALENDAR April 2020

*Due to security reasons, screenings at the Sheriff's Office Jail, Sheriff's Communications Bldg and Children's Village G Bldg are for employees of those locations only. Please do not schedule your appointment in those locations if you do not work in the building.

 Frequently Asked Questions