OakFit/Health Screenings/No Coverage/New Hires

No Coverage/New Hires


​This page is for employees that have opted out of Oakland County medical coverage or you have been hired after December 1, 2022. Please follow the directions below to complete both your physical and your online health assessment through ASR.

Oakland County is inviting employees to participate in this year's health screening program. To participate, employees will need to schedule and attend their yearly well-being visit with their primary care physician and the physician will complete the required screening form. The on-site screenings will not be offered this year. Employees will complete their online Health Assessment through their Oakland County insurance carrier website. Employees will receive their $100 incentive when they complete both their physical and health assessment (BU's may have a different incentive).

Employees must complete their annual physical between January 1 -December 31, 2022. Note: Acute care clinics (minute clinics & urgent care clinics) do not qualify as a primary care visit.

Employees must submit their physician form and complete their online health assessment by December 31, 2022 in order to receive their incentive.

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: No information regarding individual test results will be shared with Oakland County. The results will be given directly to you and maintained off-site by a third party vendor, OnSite Wellness in accordance with HIPAA.

 How to Complete Your 2022 Health Screening

Step 1: Print PCP Form for Physican Completion

Step 2: Turn into PCP form to HR - email, mail, or fax.

Step 3: Go to Oakland County Insurance Carrier website to complete online health assessment (ASR/HAP, BSBC or No coverage/New Hire)

Step 4: Receive Your Incentive

Complete by July 29, 2022 and receive the incentive on September 2, 2022 paycheck.  
Complete between July 30 - December 31, 2022 and receive the incentive on February 3, 2023 paycheck. 

 Health Screening Guide

2022_HealthScreenings_Button_2 Booklet.jpg
Click here for a copy of the digital health screening instructional booklet. This informational booklet will help guide you through the health screening process.

 PCP Form

​​Click here to print your form to have your Primary Care Physican sign off on your physical.

*The date of your physical needs to be included on the form by your physician.

 Know Your Numbers

​Click here to learn more about what are healthy numbers for your physical results.

 Login Issues? Need help?

​Call 800-968-3033 or email healthengagement@asrhealthbenefits.com

 Online Health Assessment

2022_HealthScreenings_Button_Health Assessment.jpg
Click here for directions on how to take the Online Health Assessment. 

 Turn in PCP Form to HR

  • ​Email: Send to oakfit@oakgov.com
  • Mail: 2100 Pontiac Lake Rd., Building 41W
    Attn: Wellness - Health Screening
    Waterford, MI 48328
  • Fax: 248-452-9893

 Participation Incentive Drawings

Eligible employees must complete the screening and assessment to be eligible for a prize. Five winners will be drawn from each category.

Repeat Participant: Employees who ​have participated in past screenings will be entered into a drawing for a $300 incentive.

First Time Participant: Employees who participate for the first time receive a chance to win a $100 incentive.