​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​OakFit has a variety of options available to support your wellness goals.  If you have not already done so, get involved!  You’ll find you can enjoy healthier living, improved morale and higher energy levels for work and play; and, hopefully, lower out of pocket healthcare costs.  Exercise programs welcome employees, family members and retirees.

 Exercise on the Job

  • Take an exercise break instead of a coffee break
  • Exercise during lunch. If you work out for 10 to 20 minutes, you should still have time to eat.
  • Come in a few minutes early and/or leave a few minutes late. Use the extra time for exercise.
  • If your building has stairs, do a session of stair climbing each day. Also, be sure to take the stairs if you have to travel between floors during your workday.

Campus Walking Maps/Oakland County Trails

Metro-Detroit Mall Walking Guide

Mall Walking Program:                                         
Great Lakes Crossing-Auburn Hills
Open 7am Monday - Sunday
Call 248-454-5000 or 877-ShopGLC

 Fit It In - Gym Membership

​ All Oakland County Employees who are employed part time or full time are eligible to receive these special rates at the Waterford School District Pool & Fitness Centers.

Fit It In Flyer

Workout/swim before work (weekdays beginning at 5:30am), during your lunch hour, or after work (weekdays until 8:30pm).

Click here to visit our Fit It In page for more information.

 OakFit Facebook Pages

​Looking for motivation to train for an upcoming event or just a fun way to get into shape?  Link up with your co-workers on topics such as nutrition and exercise at all fitness levels.

OakFit Wellness Facebook Group

Have up-to-date information regarding wellness programs and events sent directly to you through your personal Facebook thread.  Share inspirational thoughts, wellness quotes and ideas with your co-workers.

OakFit Running Club Facebook Group

The OakFit Running Club promotes running/walking events and a healthy lifestyle for members of all fitness levels. This running club is for Oakland County employees to socialize and participate in running/walking training and events, such as The Brooksie Way.  Race participation is not required to join the club.  Please use this page as a social outlet to connect with other runners/walkers, learn about races, train, coordinate running/walking groups, support and much more!